Shooting Galleries

Laser Star's Rifle Shooting Galleries are now the best earning shooting galleries in the world. The system components include authentic rifles, animated targets on the set, ticket redemption, and a computer based scoring system that produces digital sounds for the targets as well as individual player station scoring.

The company's award winning Vest-Less Laser Tag equipment is a proven system. The ease of operation and the low maintenance of the system makes Laser Star the choice of operators who want to make a great return on their investment. Buy factory direct. On gun scoring displays or individual scoring card systems are available.

Some examples of our Laser Shooting Galleries:

Chicken Shootout

Modular Western Shooting Gallery

Choose which modules to include: Saloon, Barn, Hotel, Store, Jail, etc.

Western Shootout Low Profile Shooting Gallery

Laser Star's Quickshot rifle target ranges allow the operator to use the unused space above the game room floor. This four player game comes with six targets, one scoreboard and a player platform.

Doc's Tavern Laser Shooting Gallery

Laser Star's Large Screen Projection video hunting and skeet shooting games are now earning thousands of dollars for game operators. THese large screen format games are mini-attractions that draw crowds.

Laser Star's Interactive Projection Games combine both traditional shooting gallery targets with interactive projected images, so now players can shoot both mechanical and projected images in a fast paced game.

Zack's Shootout Interactive Laser Shooting Gallery

Western Style Laser Shooting Gallery

St Charles Laser Shooting Gallery

Quick Shot Range Laser Shooting Gallery

Pirates Shootout Laser Shooting Gallery

Paintball Shooting Ranges

  • Paintball Gallery
  • Paintball Gallery
  • Paintball Gallery
  • Paintball Gallery
  • Paintball Gallery
  • Paintball Gallery
Paintball Gallery1 Paintball Gallery2 Paintball Gallery3 Paintball Gallery4 Paintball Gallery5 Paintball Gallery6

Laser Star's Paint Ball Ranges were originally developed for use by amusement parks that required the safety of a tethered paint ball shooting system and the fun of shooting paint balls. Laser Star not only provides the set with a fully animated target system, it also provides targets that respond to hits by paint balls. Now these paint ball ranges can be used for both indoor and outdoor amusement applications.r Star Paintball Shooting Galleries
Prior to Laser Star’s product introduction, paintball was a combat game where players fired at each other. There were no safe paintball games that could be used in Park Midways or Family Entertainment Centers. Shooting galleries were electronic and could not be used with paintball.


  • Paintball shooting gallery shoots paintballs at moving and static targets, not people.
  • Paintball guns are tethered to the countertop to allow them to shoot only in the direction of the gallery.
  • Traditional electronic shooting gallery sets and targets have been modified to be used with paintballs.
  • Traditional shooting gallery movements have been modified to work with paintballs and water washdown.
  • Target types have been modified to work with pressure sensor from paintball hits.
  • Pneumatic target movements and digital hit feedback sounds are activated by paintball hits

Bug Off Laser Shooting Gallery

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