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Introducing Tasty Tubes™ Factory (Patents Pending)

Tasty Tubes Factory  wins  BEST NEW PRODUCT AWARD at the IAAPA Show.

Laser Star Amusements is proud to be the recipient of the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Coin Operated/ Redemption Game.  The title of this new game is Tasty Tubes Factory and it allows the player to make his/her own edible candy art in a tube. Players use the game's joy stick to rotate a carousel to add  up to  8 different flavors into a dispensed tube.  Once the tube is filled, the game lowers the tube back to the player.  The game combines funny sound effects with flashing lights to make the experience a truely interactive one.  For more information visit or call Laser Star at 954 583 3222.

Pictured:  Michael Peretz (left), and Dr. David Peretz holding the Brass Ring Award
presented by the IAAPA Awards Committee. 

Make Your Own Edible Candy Art

Tasty Tubes™ Factory: It's a Vending Machine that's an Amusement Game!

NO Attendant Needed • Coin OperatedInstant Product Recognition
Eliminates 'free" refills found in manual systems
Fantastic Flavors and colors available
Vends up to 400 Tasty Tubes™ before restocking
No mess. Players layer candy inside a tubeGame timer limits play

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